About Me

Reading and the library has always been a big part of my life.

As a baby, I could “read” The Night Before Christmas before I my youngest sister was born.  I was reading simple, easy books when I went into kindergarten.

As a child, I lived within walking distance of my local branch, and spent my weeks of summer vacation wandering the stacks and completing the summer reading program.  My favorite part of the library was the self checkout.  I was a pro.

As a teen, I found solace in the library and in the treasures found on the shelves.  I knew the youth fiction section better than your average teen.  I gained a peace of mind, knowing others were going through the same hardships as me, albeit, fictional characters in made-up (realistic) scenarios.

As an adult, the library was the place where I found my first job.  I am a page.  I shelve books.  On average, over 1,000 books and other media pass through my hands a week.  That being said, I have a lot of exposure to materials I otherwise wouldn’t give a second glance to on any given day.  This is where I write about them.


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