Hello world!

Welcome to my third blog in the past few years.  I keep having to make new ones for each section of my life. (See Blogroll: Tumblr and RinceGoBragh).

This particular blog is to write about the books I read this summer of 2011.  My summer project if you will.  Being that I work in a library (see About), my goal is to read as many books as possible.  I will keep an updated list  of what I have read (see The Finished List), and will also keep you the readers updated on what I’m in the middle of (see Currently Reading)

I also welcome literary suggestions, which can be sent in the form of comments.  Most of what I read is materials I shelve.  I also have this guilty pleasure of reading romance novels for fluff reading before I go to bed.  I would like to expand my horizons here to other fluff reading.  Give me authors, or give me titles, either way, I will search down your suggestions and give them a shot.
I look forward to writing to you about my reads!

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